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Top 5 Ways your pet shows they love you

By 2016-06-15 August 9th, 2023 No Comments

1. Bunting/Head Rubbing

This is a term used in referral to when our feline friends rub their heads and cheeks up against us. What our pet is really doing is marking us with pheromones as “familiar” or “safe”. 


 2. Tall Tails

When your feline friends walk around with their tail up and curved this shows playfulness. When they circle around your legs and wrap their tail around you (tail wrapping), it signifies friendship, happiness and warmth.

3. Snuggling

Like humans, sometimes pets show their love just by wanting to be close to us. This can be shown by snuggling in our nook on the couch (who doesn’t love that feeling?!) or even something as simple as resting their head on our foot as they sleep.

4. Sniffing

Ever notice your dog smells you like crazy when you enter the house after a long day at work? Your scent activates a certain part of your dog’s brain associated with pleasure. They actually love your smell!

5. Kneading

If you have a cuddly cat at home then you know how it feels when they cuddle up on you and start to knead.  Although this may be slightly painful at times, this actually has a calming effect on cats and means they adore you!

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