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Top 5 Dr. Google Myths

By 2016-06-16 August 9th, 2023 No Comments

1. “I should let my dog go into heat at least once before spaying her” – A common myth. Studies do show that there is a slight decrease in mammary gland cancer in female dogs spayed prior to their first heat.

2. “Feeding a raw diet is beneficial as this is what my pet would eat if they were in “the wild” – False. Raw food diets have not been scientifically proven to be beneficial at all. In fact they can often lead to dangerous infections such as Salmonella and E.Coli to name a few. Furthermore, our pets’ wild counterparts do have shorter life spans.

3. “A warm or dry nose indicates that my pet is sick” – not the case. There are numerous reasons as to why your pet’s nose could be warm. If it always dry or always running or you notice hard secretions then you should talk to your veterinarian.

4. “My dog seems to have allergies, he must be allergic to chicken – Although it is possible that your pet is allergic to chicken it should not be your automatic go-to. There are numerous allergens that could be affecting your pet, food related as well as environmental related. Always make sure you speak with your veterinarian when allergies are suspected.

5.  “It is bad to vaccinate” – On the contrary! Vaccines prevent a multitude of very serious, often fatal, diseases. It is always best to prevent than to have to treat. Treatment is not always successful.

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