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Top 5 Warning Signs of Dental Disease

By 2016-06-17 August 9th, 2023 No Comments

Dr Nosotti & Lynx

1. Bad Breath

Bad breath is often one of the earliest signs of dental disease. If addressed at the earlier stages, we may be able to prevent the progression of dental disease in our companions.

2. Discomfort When Eating

Dental disease is sure to cause pain and discomfort in our pets. Reluctance to eat or dropping kibble on the floor should be a red flag to look into whether oral issues are present.

3. Tartar Build-Up/Discolored Teeth

Once teeth start to look less white and more yellow, it may be worth while to investigate whether plaque is building up in the mouth. Try to avoid the progression of plaque into the more destructive tartar.


4. Inflamed or Bleeding Gums

Our pet’s gums being swollen is not something we might recognize or think to check. We can however sometimes sneak a peak at the gums when our furry friends are eating or chewing on a toy. Red or bleeding gums are an indication that dental disease may be present.

5. Missing Teeth/Loose Teeth

This may be a harder sign to notice, as we can’t always easily look into our pet’s mouths to check if teeth are missing or loose teeth are present. If we do notice missing teeth, or if we find teeth on the floor this may be a sign of more advanced dental disease.


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