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Top 5 Benefits to Vaccinating Your Pets

By 2016-06-18 August 9th, 2023 No Comments

1. Less Concern for Outdoor Pets

Outdoor pets and pets who are socialized with other animals are more susceptible to certain diseases due to contact with foreign bodily fluids. Cats who remain indoors are not as likely to be subjected to Feline Leukemia or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. It is important to vaccinate against certain diseases if a pet is to have access to the outdoors.


 2. Can Board Safely at Kennels/Catteries

As with outdoor pets, dogs and cats that are to be boarded at kennels or daycare should be vaccinated. Bordetella Bronchiseptica is an airborne bacteria common to these facilities and is transmitted via inanimate objects and direct contact as well. Symptoms are similar to a cold in humans.

 3. Cost Effective

Some pet owners do not consider vaccinations a priority, or perhaps they consider them an added expense. From another perspective, administering vaccines will prove far less costly than treating the disease should it be contracted.

 4. Disease Prevention for Pets

Some diseases are not preventable. Vaccinations can however help prevent certain diseases in animals. Our pets can fall subject to a multitude of bacterial and viral infections, just like us.  Let’s keep our fuzzy friends safe and comfortable!

5. Disease Prevention for Owners

Not everyone is aware that there are diseases that can be transmitted from pet to owner. Rabies for one, is a destructive disease that can be transmitted to humans through an infected animal’s bite. Leptospirosis can also be contracted through contact with infected urine. Vaccinations offer some security for you and your pet.

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